Saturday, June 7, 2014

Judge for Yourself: No to Nance

For voters doing their homework before the June 24th primary, here is the 1 minute, 21 second highlight reel of Judge Alfred Nance, candidate for the 8th Circuit (Baltimore City).  

In fact, the essence of this judge can be captured in just a few seconds, in this 2013 exchange with a prospective juror who was trying to tell him about his wife's medical condition:

     Juror:  I don't know if this is the right time--
     Nance (interrupting): No, it isn't, but you are taking advantage of me and you are about ready to see me explode.  Now what do you want to tell me that I don't want to hear?

The longer version of Nance, will fuller context and details, are found here: 

Judicial body rakes Nance for conduct The Sun  

Sitting in judgment of a Circuit Court judge

Dan Rodricks' column of 13 years ago even pointed to this election, but Nance never reformed.


Judge Orders, Then Voids Jail Term For Spectator The Sun

And that's just what made it into the papers.  So why did Governor O'Malley reappoint Nance with his woeful record last fall?  Danny Jacobs of the Daily Record found out: "[T]he governor's policy since 2007 has reappoint the incumbent judge without advertising the position."  

So O'Malley reappoints incumbent judges no matter what, unconcerned about how poorly they behaved.  And when they stand for election, no one else cares either, not the politicians who blindly endorse them, nor the Maryland Bar, nor the Judicial Disabilities Commission which has the power but not the will to remove misbehaving judges.  

Despite Nance's repeated mistreatment of citizens, the other sitting judges support him so that they can share the large pot of campaign money that Maryland's lawyers put up for them.  These judges should be embarrassed, and some probably are.  But they ought to be downright ashamed about campaign materials proclaiming they are all "trusted."  And for posting the Maryland State Bar Association's endorsement implying that all of these judges possess the "highest quality of character, integrity, judicial temperament..."  

The sitting judges want voters to think they come as one package, that it's all or nothing. That women should vote for all of them because they have women on the slate, and African Americans for the same reason, and Jews and gays for the same reason.

The irony is, Nance treats all groups badly.  Nance has bullied blacks and whites alike, and repeatedly demeaned women. He berated a Jewish juror for how he wore his yarmulke, and threatened to "explode" against another for no reason. Even children come under his threats (see video.) 

Voters should not only reject Nance, but any other sitting judge they do not know or have no particular reason to support.  They should send the sitting judges, the Maryland Bar, and the politicians who endorse them a clear message: their attempt to deceive voters about Nance is repulsive.

I ran for Baltimore City judge once before in 1998 when the sitting judges called themselves the "Nine Trusted Judges." Their use of the term "trusted" made up my mind to run.  It was nothing less than a bald lie out of the mouth of the judiciary.  Now they are at it again.

In '98 I challenged the sitting judges in order to give those who had the evidence of his behavior a reason to speak up, a chance to unseat Nance.  They didn't.

But Nance could not control his behavior.  He himself put the evidence into the public spotlight.  

Voters, judge for yourself.

Authority:  Citizens for Page Croyder and Judicial Accountability, Peter Geier, Treasurer.  600 Light St. Baltimore, MD 21230